B-side/A-side is an ethereal apparition made entirely by a single light that seems to transcend and encompass the entirety of the dark room it is presented within. It is a physical moving and changing manifestation of Plato’s philosophical Allegory of the Cave. Inspired by the California Light and Space movement, B-side/A-side urges the viewer to question their own perception of light and how they experience it when it defines and overwhelms the space it envelops.


B-side/A-side Interview with Wyndham Mathiesen

I obsess over the natural beauty of light we are surrounded with and believe that as a species we are naturally drawn to it, however its presence is taken for granted and rarely questioned. This piece aims to question our visual perception and mental conclusions we draw from the presence of light.

This is achieved with a single light positioned high up refracting off of a mirrored mylar disc. The mirrored disc sits on top of a slowly spinning modified record player. The effect creates an ethereal, moving apparition that encompasses the space. This apparition of light is projected onto a 9'x7' double layer of thin translucent fabric hanging in the space. When viewed from the front the fabric creates a double layer image resulting in an  holographic image. It is only when the viewer walks past Side-B of the installation into Side-A, that the image along with the simple mechanics creating it become clear. It is at this point that the viewer can begin to understand the mechanical simplicity and question the apparition’s organic complexity.